3 thoughts on “Happy New Year !!!

  1. Had to sneak in the pics of GMC and Ryals, didn’t you? 😉 Not so sure about that cold, wet white stuff that is lying around your cabin. I guess that is why i live in Florida. Happy new year. 😀


    1. Joe … can you believe it? Ryals is CLOSING after all these years! How many times did I sneak off campus thanks to Bob (it only cost me either a Blondie or a Gingerbread Man to turn his back), to make a trip to Ryals? What’s the statute of limitations on demerits and detention?


      1. Bummer!!! I don’t think that I ever went in to Ryals but I had their products a couple of times. So is there no family member interested in taking over? It is sad to see a place like that go, but it is interesting to see how it and others stuck around for so long in a number of towns where I have lived or gone to school.I know for your pilgrimages that there is still one of the Shrimp Boats around. Is Baines Army Store still open?
        Bob was a good guy. He and his guys let us college cadidiots get away with minor stuff too. He wasn’t being lenient just because you and you friends were adorable and batted your eyelashes at him. LOL. A few years after I graduated and transferred to University of Miami, I visited campus with my old friend Tom Flake and Doc Smith told us that Bob had died of a massive coronary. That was sad.
        I accrued a BUNCH of demerits my sophomore year. They decided to crack down on infantile behavior that year for some reason. No idea why. They seemed to be okay with it my freshman year. 😛 I still had a pile left when I graduated and when I went to the alumni weekend in 1995, they did not make me march bullring or pull CQ runner duty all night, so I think that it is safe to say that the statute of limitations is LESS than 15 years. 😀

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