About Lynnish …


It’s a crazy dream, this dream of mine … to write for a small newspaper in Waynesville, NC … but of all the crazy dreams I’ve had, this is one I think I actually believe will come true.  My plan, is to completely relocate my life from Atlanta to Waynesville … a lovely little mountain town just west of Asheville, NC.   Sometime in that time frame, I’ll need to sell THIS house, pack up everything, move it all to Waynesville and then build my dream-house on Serenity Mountain without losing my mind.

Above all, I want to write a weekly piece for the local newspaper, The Mountaineer.  I read it every day … today it snowed in Waynesville and officials are urging people to stay at home if possible.  There’s a Puerto Rican family just relocating to Clyde, NC, and if you bought tickets to “Haywood County Christmas” , it’s been rescheduled till December 15th and 16th because of the snow.

I’m determined.  It’s my hope that this blog will help me get there.  It’s the most “Lynnish” way I can think of inspiring myself.

About Lynn …

  • Born in Middle Georgia, grew up in Savannah, worked in the airline field my entire life, currently finishing my career path online at MIT.
  • Sociology and History junkie, but gets high on antiques, hiking and baking. Go figure.
  • Art Culture freak. Kirchner,  Munch and Klee are among my favorite painters but I especially love the work of August Macke!
  • A sentimentalist.
  • Deeply devoted to family and friends.
  • If there is a path and I can see it, I will happily leave boot prints on it.

One thought on “About Lynnish …

  1. Leaving Georgia after all these years? Wow!!!! Can we talk before you disappear into the hills? I need to ask about your current (or is it former) employer.
    Joe Mandt from the old days at GMC


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